We are always looking for more teachers to join Erase the Space. Our vision is to have as many exchanges between schools from different areas of the city to be happening every year. Imagine what the discourse of the city would look like if this program could reach enough schools that freshman in high school (or other age groups) had a common experience with someone different from them over the course of 10-15 years. What would the social aspect of the city look like? 

Teachers that are interested in joining Erase the Space, please email Amelia or Derek. Their contact information can be found in the contact page. 


Anyone can become a part of Erase the Space. Contact us with suggestions as to school districts that would be interested in the program, connections around the Columbus area with similar goal in mind, or just to volunteer with us. We welcome anyone who wishes to see strong growth in the discourse of our city and our country. 


In order for our non-profit to grow and effect change in Columbus, we are reaching out to partners in the community for financial resources, facility usage, transportation costs, and other expenses we incur while facilitating an Erase the Space exchange between schools. We are currently working with the Kirwan Institute and OSU Extension, but we are always welcoming new partners to help this mission become reality.