Whoever I exchange with, I hope we can be more than kids in the inner and outer city who were put in a program together. It can be more than that...we could all be friends and make Ohio history or our own little history.
— South High Student (EtS 2017)

Donating options:

  • $5 (lunch for one student)

  • $10 (Erase the Space t-shirt for student)

  • $20 (Lunch for a group from different schools)

  • $50 (supplies for one exchange)

  • $100 (Bus for one school)

  • $500 (Lunch, bus, materials for one school in May)

  • $1,000 (Completely fund exchange for both schools)

  • Other options available

Exciting news! Erase the Space has moved on to the next phase of a collaborative grant process. For the next three weeks, any cash donations will be included in our grant application. If our application is fully funded, all cash donations will be matched by the granting body!

Regardless, all donations will fund buses, materials, t-shirts, and lunch for our culminating event in May when students will meet in person for the first time.